Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

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I have followed Pirates of The Caribbean since the flicks first began showing in the theaters. I though have never been one to care much about movies made to games. Most movies made to games have always failed miserably, and for me had always been a waste of dough.
When Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End came out for the Nintendo Wii though, I was excited because at the time the Wii lacked decent game titles. I figured Pirates Of The Caribbean At Worlds End would deliver a cool action packed sword fighting type game.

I was right about the sword fighting part…but as far as action goes, this game failed to deliver. Basically the entire game was nothing more then a repetitive workout for my wrists and thumb.

Anyhow, the game sort of meshes two movies into one, Dead Mans Chest, and At World’s End. With you playing mostly as Captain Jack Sparrow (although as the game goes on other character missions in the game will be available, but sparingly). The game begins with you; Jack Sparrow attempting to get the heart of Davy Jones.

It seems interesting indeed, however the first few scenes in the game are nothing more than you flinging your wrists around and smashing buttons to attempt to kill enemies that come at you. Once you kill that group of enemies, you move on a few virtual steps, and suddenly you’re at it again. Mashing buttons, swinging your arms, and killing the enemy.

Basically this was the entire game play for the first part of the game.

But…um…it didn’t stop. It just kept going, with missions that were basically all the same, and some missions that were thrown at me with little explanation as to what the hell I had to do to complete the objective.

Mostly though this is what Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End has to deliver: Captain Jack, his sword, and enemies to fight. You flinging your arm around, and smacking at the action button. Nothing spectacular here folks.

I guess the only thing that I would consider interesting was that the game included some familiar scenes that matches up with the actual movie. A few scenes though are completely fabricated, and have nothing to do with the actual movie.

Now the cut scenes are done up pretty decent…that is if the game doesn’t glitch up. During a few cut scenes my game would decide to freeze up, for no apparent reason. My wii is pretty new, and I baby the machine. The game itself was also brand spanking new, so there was no reason for it to freeze up and glitch out on me. I’ll go further into detail how much this game pissed me off later on.


Like I mentioned most of the controls and actions you will be preforming on the wii mote are button mashing, and swinging of your wrist. However the controls don’t react sometimes to certain movements or commands that you are making on the wii mote. It’s a bit screwy, but can still be effective if you are fast.


There are other weapons in the game for you to use, but truly none work quite as well, as the sword (which has major flaws itself). In the game you will come across grenades, guns, knives and so on. I wrote a guest post about stella game walkthrough which is a RPG game, if you are someone who likes to play with lot of weapons read my post there. Coming to caribbean game, Aiming the gun though is difficult and takes up so much time to line things up properly that you’d end up shot or stabbed before you could even pull the trigger.


The graphics are decent, but this in no PS3! Pirates Of The Caribbean delivers graphics to wiis standards, and things are pretty nice looking. Environments are pretty lush, and colors are all realistic and vibrant. Things are not glorious, but they are done nicely.

Major Issue:

Saving the game is a pain in the arse. In order to save you have to actually beat an entire mission, or chapter. Sometimes these chapters can be painfully long, and if you die… you start from the beginning. Which totally sucks.

One particular mission I was at took nearly 20 minutes to get to the end… and then for no goddamn reason the game decided to freeze. Captain Jack Sparrow for some reason went through a wall, as if he was invisible, and then got stuck; which caused my game to stop. This was no glitch in my system folks, this was an in game glitch, and seeing how it took me 20 minutes to get where I was, and just a few seconds away from the save prompt to come up, I was major pissed.

Overall Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End is a fighting game that gets very repetitive and quickly. At first things were a little fun. Killing the bad guys with my sword, but as the game went on it seemed that this was all I was doing. It got boring, and annoying when at every turn I take there are 20 bad guys popping out of the ground to fight with me.

There truly is no re-play value here at all. You play it once, and you truly have no desire to go back and give it another round. For me the game was a waste of money.

If you are still interested in it, I’d recommend renting it.