Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Review

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The need for safe drinking water is always on the rise. Year after year, millions of people acquire diseases that can be attributed to unsafe drinking water. Our water sources cannot be completely relied upon neither can the municipal water supply.

Kent is a trusted name in the water purifier and healthcare products industry. One of their innovations is the Kent Ultra UV water purifier. This purifier has so many positive reviews that should really set your mind at ease.

This particular unit is based on the Ultraviolet purification technology.  UV water purification technology is a highly effective method of getting rid of microorganisms in water. This technology uses ultraviolet rays to kill disease-causing microorganisms in water. The ultraviolet rays technology is highly effective (up to 99.9%) in killing microorganisms.

UV water purification technology makes use of special lamps that emit UV light at a particular wavelength. This light has the ability of disrupting the DNA configuration of microorganisms, making them unable to function, reproduce and replicate. The UV purification system is highly simple and effective, environment-friendly because it does not make use of chemicals for the purification process,

Features of Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier


This unit was made with food grade ABS plastic which is very durable. The outer parts were coupled professionally to avoid leaks and spills. It is quite a beautiful piece to have, with its transparent body revealing all the components therein. It is wall-mounted unit so your countertop is free for you to use as you like.

3-Stage Purification

The water gets purified through its efficient 3-stage filters. There is a sediment filter which removes sediments and other visible impurities from water.

There is also an Activated Carbon Filter. This filter absorbs chemicals and impurities that cause odor and color. Thus with this filter chemicals and chlorine are removed, giving you odor-free and colorless water.

The UV component has an 11 watt UV lamp that emits rays which kills invisible cysts, viruses and bacteria in water.

Safety Alarm

The unit is equipped with an alarm feature that notifies you when the UV lamp is no longer effective at killing microorganisms. Purified water is the priority with this purifier.


This stands for Switching Mode Power Supply. This unit handles voltage range from 100-300 volts. Fluctuation in voltage is not a problem because of this feature.

This purifier has undergone the necessary tests and is a force to reckon with in the water purifier marketplace. Make sure to read water purifiers reviews on  The UV technology combined with activated carbon and a sediment filter will provide you and your family with safe drinking water, say goodbye to waterborne diseases.