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Types of Nursing Shoes Used by Women

A lot of a nurse’s job requires the feet; they have to walk, stand and run for so many hours. If the right footwear is not worn during shifts, it could lead to severe health issues which include heel pain, back pain, joint pain etc.

Women love fashion but in the case of nursing, it is best to put safety first before fashion. I don’t know about you but I have never seen a nurse on high heels before. That is because with nursing, you can’t just wear what you like. Safety, comfort and support come first before any other thing. Healthcare facilities also set certain requirements for nurses. This sometimes includes the type and design of shoes you are expected to wear and also the color; white is usually the preferred color.

Considering the kind of work nurses do, shoes with heels and regular shoes are not ideal because they are not capable of providing the support and comfort that will keep a nurse’ feet in optimum condition even after work hours.

There are shoes commonly used by nurses, these include clogs, crocs and athletic shoes. These shoes have their own benefits that make them viable options for nurses.


You probably must have seen a lot of nurses wearing clogs. They have become so popular in the nursing community because of the comfort and support they provide. Clogs also provide safety with their protective design and improved slip resistance.

Clogs are typically designed with a closed toe, open back with optional straps to keep the foot in place; some manufacturers prefer to do away with the straps and opt for a closed and lifted back for protection. The best clogs come with improved slip resistance, arch support heels, toe guards and are made from waterproof materials to protect against chemicals and fluids.

It all comes down to personal experience, foot type and medical condition; these things influence a nurse’ choice of footwear.


Crocs are made with foam resin material and most times they have side vents to allow the feet breathe. These vents may allow fluids and germs to get to the foot. The best kind of crocs for the healthcare environment would be the ones without vents; these will provide improved protection.

The foam resin used in making these shoes is capable of conforming to the wearer’s foot, providing comfort and a perfect hold. Crocs are durable and are able to withstand pressure; a great choice for best nursing shoes.

Athletic Shoes

Athletes are always running with their shoes, with the soles coming in contact with hard surfaces; similar to what a nurse has to go through on a daily basis. If athletic shoes such as tennis and running shoes are designed to withstand these levels of pressure, then they are great for nurses too.

Athletic shoes are designed to absorb shock, they are lightweight and provide comfort which makes them a good option for extended usage.